Actionable Intelligence Platform

Actionable Intelligence Platform

Agribridge’s Actionable Intelligence Platform enables Farmers/ Farmer groups to take the right action for any query that may arise during the lifecycle of a crop.

This is achieved by dedicating an Agri Expert to each farmer who

  • knows the seed, crop metrics, agro climatic conditions and soil health

  • knows the expected crop phenology for the seed

  • can measure the current state of the crop phenology and extrapolate the outcome

  • will advise on corrective measures (Inputs & Actions)

  • keep tabs on upcoming adverse events and recommend preventive measures

The mentor will have access to the Farm dashboard with all relevant information, including Real-Time Remote Sensed Crop Phenology, to determine the best path for the Crop/ Farm.


IT enabled Mentors to mentor individual farmers or the entire cluster

Big data analysis based recommendation for crop selection & customized crop calendar

Real-Time Crop Health monitoring based on observed crop phenology of each Farm

Robust ML crop models for accurate diagnosis & Prediction

AI based recommendation for rectification of observed anomalies