Traceability & Certification


Agribridge provides an end to end Traceability solution for farmers, farmer groups (clusters), Contract Farmers among others.

Agribridge's Traceability Solution involves the implementation of effective Traceability System parameters such as:

  • Efficient Tracking and Management Solutions through high quality tracking software

  • Manage data tracking points across crop lifecycle (Sowing, Growing, Harvest, Storage, Distribution & Consumption)

  • Ensure Irrefutability through verifiable records for inputs, farm practices etc.

  • Manage Inventory/ Storage efficiently by implementing FIFO (First In – First Out)

  • Reduce human error associated with manual record keeping


Produce Traceability from Seed to Table

Immutable & Verifiable records

Geo-tagged & Time stamped Farmer Diary with Photographs

Correlation of Farmer action with Observed Crop Phenology

Remote Sensing based derivation of Crop Phenology

Micro-sites for each Farmer for easy Traceability


Agribridge has evolved a Certification Data Point Collection System which will assist third-party certification solution providers to accurately view and confirm relevant information sets and certify the farms with ease.

Agribridge’s Data Collection System focuses on capturing all needed data points at each stage such as Land Preparation, Sowing (seeds used etc.), Farm Practices, Irrigation Sources,, use of pesticides etc. among other parameters.

Agribridge intends to enable a system where every farm in India can be certified with ease, which will open up all markets (Local & Global) for the farmers to sell their produce to.


Each Farming Cluster with independent Microsites with QMS / ICS

Certification assistance with digital QMS/ICS templates

Transparency in Internal / External Audits

Tamperproof seals for Packaging along with Geotagged & Time-stamped QR code based tracking from farm gate to consumer delivery