Cluster Management

Cluster Management

The primary goal of Agribridge's Cluster Management Solution is to offer to a group of farmers, a platform where they can together fulfill a demand from any consumer for a pre-determined price, all governed by a smart contract or agree upon to produce any particular crop for a future customer or a target market, by adhering to a curated package of practices and/ or a curated quality management system (QMS) governed by stringent by-laws / Internal control System (ICS).


Visualize all the member Farms on Map / Satellite images

Real-time Monitoring of Crop grown, its Health and Acreage within the farms

Historical Farm Performance Reports

Prediction of Harvest date and Crop performance for each Farm

No restrictions on the Farmers to be in the same geography to be in a cluster. Primary role of cluster being, like minded farmers with same goal coming together for the benefit of economy of scale, irrespective of Farm location

Role based dashboards for all members

Tools and Utilities for automation